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A sound approach to treating hearing disorders

How well we hear is a critical part of being human – it’s how we stay connected to other people. Equally important to hearing conversations, music, and the sounds of nature is being able to also appreciate the stillness of a quiet moment. These joys in life can be severely impacted by hearing loss and tinnitus. At Otonomy, our mission is squarely focused on making new treatments a reality for millions living with the daily impact of these conditions.

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A new frontier—
We leverage our expertise in neuroscience and otic drug delivery to develop new treatments for hearing loss and tinnitus
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Hearing Loss
More than 20 million people in the U.S. live
with moderate-to-severe hearing loss and tinnitus1
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Otonomy research lab
“At Otonomy, we have the expertise, people and pipeline to deliver breakthrough treatments to the millions living with the debilitating effects of hearing loss and tinnitus. As a company founded by a patient, we are dedicated to this mission.”
David A. Weber Ph. D., President and Chief Executive Officer, Otonomy
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