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Restoring a
sound and
balanced reality

Hearing, balance and connection—all easy to take for granted, but profoundly impactful when disrupted. Disorders of the ear are often associated with feelings of frustration, decreased social interaction and depression. At Otonomy, our focus is on making new treatments a reality for the millions living with the debilitating, daily impact of these conditions.

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A new frontier—
We leverage our expertise in neuroscience and otic drug delivery to develop new treatments for inner ear conditions
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Hearing Loss
1 in 8 people live with moderate to severe
hearing loss, tinnitus or vertigo1
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“At Otonomy, we have the expertise, people and pipeline to deliver breakthrough treatments to the millions living with the debilitating effects of conditions like tinnitus, Ménière’s disease and hearing loss.”
David A. Weber Ph. D., president and chief executive officer, Otonomy
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