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A scientifically sound approach
to improve the lives of patients with hearing disorders

Over the last decade, we have established the leading drug development company in neurotology. Our broad pipeline addresses tinnitus and hearing loss, conditions that impact tens of millions of people.

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Medical imaging of inner ear cells
We are experts in neurotology

In order to treat hearing disorders, we work to understand the underlying biology, identify a potential treatment and deliver the drug to where it’s needed. Our scientists are experts in the microscopic realm of cochlear hair cells and spiral ganglion neurons—true miracles of biology with their specialized structures and functions.

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We translate cutting-edge science into products

We are product developers. Sure, our scientists love making new discoveries about the biology of the inner ear, but at the end of the day it serves as the means to an end: identifying drug treatments—whether a small molecule, protein or even gene therapy—that can make a difference for patients.

Otonomy scientist examines a potential treatment
We pioneered otic drug delivery

Otonomy was the first company to realize the importance of local drug delivery for neurotology, much in the same way that intravitreal injections revolutionized the treatment of retinal disorders. We are experts in designing and developing formulations that provide sustained drug exposure from a single intratympanic injection. We have established a broad patent estate to protect our inventions.

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Otonomy's collection of patents